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I aim to live a healthy a lifestyle as possible. For me health should be in mind, body and soul. This blog focuses on the things that inspire and motivate me to maintain a healthy, clean lifestyle that has a positive impact on our environment.

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Every time i pass anything to do with Hamas, Israel and the UN i want to scream. Stop bashing the UN syop blaming Israel and recognize that Hamas by no means represents the majority of Palestinians. Do recognize that those suffering in this conflict are innocents on both sides. They are not the ones throwing the bombs.

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Easy Vegan Cheesecakes

Healthy treat idea!

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A gentle yoga routine to help you relax before bed. Watch the full video here.

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Adventures at the D’Town Farmer’s Market

Although small and humble in terms of Farmer’s markets I found my hometown’s very nice and friendly. I ended up bringing home  fresh flowers, peaches, a gorgeous bunch of kale, a dozen eggs and a iced tea blend from  one of my favorite  tea companies  ( turns out they are a small local business).  In fact everything was super local I am talking like a 5 mile radius of my home. And the people were so friendly!

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